Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 mega leak: New pictures and technical details!

Samsung will probably unveil brand new foldables and the Galaxy Watch 5 at the Unpacked event this August 10. There have already been some leaks about the new smartwatch to date, where among other things, you will find different pricing details and selected technical specifications that are already known. Now, however, a big leak has surfaced on the web that not only covers most of the specifications but also shows us pictures of the new Galaxy Watch 5.

Images and many technical details of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 have been leaked.
Info on both the base model and the Pro model.
Highlights: Larger capacity battery!

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the most popular smartwatches on the market. In addition to the 40mm and 44mm variants, Samsung also wants to introduce a Pro variant on the market this year, which is supposed to really make its mark, especially with its size and even larger capacity battery. The case is also likely to be made of titanium according to previous leaks.

The smallest version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Our colleagues from WinFuture leaked some technical details about the Galaxy Watch 5 and corresponding pictures. The smallest version has a 40mm case and a 1.19-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 396×396 pixels. The smartwatch measures 9.8 millimeters wide and weighs 28.7 grams.

The basic design of the smallest model hasn’t changed much. © WinFuture

The back also remains true to itself. © WinFuture

The 40mm version has a 1.19-inch display. © WinFuture

According to Samsung, the 284 mAh battery is supposed to offer a runtime of up to 50 hours, which clearly surpasses the previous models and could clear up one of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 ‘s main flaws. The Exynos W920, which was already available in the predecessor, is used as the processor. The entry-level price of the Bluetooth version is €299 according to leaks. In addition, the LTE version should start at €339.

The 44mm variant of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The 44mm version is hardly different from the smaller variant of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. Apart from having a larger case, it also measures 9.8 millimeters wide and tips the scales at 33.5 grams. The 1.19-inch AMOLED display is also found in the 44mm variant of the smartwatch.

The Galaxy Watch 5 (44mm) uses a slightly larger case. © WinFuture

The front hardly differs from its predecessor. © WinFuture

Here lies the rear view of the 44mm variant. © WinFuture

Samsung also relies on the Exynos W920 for the processor, which we know from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. In order to obtain the promised 50 hours of runtime, the slightly larger variant has a 410 mAh battery. The Bluetooth variant is supposed to start with an entry-level price of €329. You will then pay between €40 and €50 more for the LTE version.

How pro is the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro?

Everything is a little bit bigger in the Pro version. You have a 1.36-inch panel with a maximum resolution of 450 x 450 pixels. It is also a bit wider and measures 10.5 millimeters in width. This also increases the weight to 46.5 grams. The case itself should have a diameter of 45 mm according to existing leaks.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 looks much more massive! © WinFuture

Here is whta the new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro looks like from the front! © WinFuture

What’s clearly recognizable: an exposed sensor. © WinFuture

The processor is also said to be an Exynos W920 here, with a maximum memory capacity of 16 GB. However, one of the main features should be the large battery. It has 590 mAh capacity is supposed to give you up to 80 hours of runtime, according to Samsung. The starting price for the Pro version as a Bluetooth smartwatch should be at least €469 . In addition, the LTE variant should cost at least €509.

What all smartwatches have in common is the clearly visible sensor on the back of the smartwatch. This is located next to the usual sensors for ECG or the sensor for measuring the heart rate. Soon, we will know whether all the leaks turn out to be true, because on August 10 Samsung will finally introduce us to the new smartwatch. Be sure to check out NextPit if you miss the event, because we’ll summarize the most important happenings as usual.

What do you think of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5? Do you think it will be a worthy upgrade to the popular Galaxy Watch 4? Let us know in the comments!