Insta360 intros One RS 1-Inch 360 Camera that shoots 6K video

Insta360 has launched its most versatile 360-degree camera today, the One RS 1-Inch 360 Edition. The new camera is the first of its kind—co-branded with Leica—while enabling 360-degree video for up to 6K resolution and 21 megapixels of photos.


Insta360 introduces One RS 1-Inch 360 edition camera.
The One RS 1-Inch 360 boasts dual 1-inch sensor and up to 6K video.
One RS 1-Inch 360 Edition is modular and retails for $800 price.
Shooting styles and resolutions of One RS 1-Inch 360 Edition

In terms of shooting capabilities, the new dual 1-inch sensors promise improved low light performance along with the custom Flowstate stabilization that uses a 6-axis gyroscope. The maximum video resolution is 5888 x 2944 pixels @30fps, and opting for 50fps, you’ll get 3040 x 1520 pixels. Shooting still images produces up to 21MP resolutions (6528 x 3264) in a 2:1 aspect ratio. RAW files are also supported on the latter.

There are also several modes offered by the One RS 1-Inch 360 Edition. Photo modes include HDR, burst, Starlapse, and PureShot. Creators can also take advantage of the different video modes such as time-lapse, time shift, and loop recording in a vivid or LOG color profile.

One RS 1-Inch 360 Edition can be mounted on cars, bikes, bags, and even on hard hats / © Insta360

Additionally, the camera features a quick menu through the LCD display where you can edit or select custom shooting modes and resolutions. Utilizing the One RS 1-inch 360 Edition as webcam for live stream and video calling is also possible.

Compact water-resistant and upgradeable design

Similar to other premium action cameras, a third person view is also present where mounting selfie sticks and accessories are hidden. The camera itself is IPX3 water-resistant and can be mounted to cars, backpacks, and hardhats. Moreover, the vertical battery is replaceable. A single charge translates to 62 minutes of run time under video 6K resolution.

Insta360 One RS 1-Inch edition can be used as webcam during live stream and video calling / © Insta360

The One RS 1-Inch 360 Edition is designed to be partially modular and compact despite the large sensors found inside. Each sensor is paired with a 6.52 mm lens on a f/2.2 aperture. Insta360 says users can use the 1-inch One RS sensor to upgrade the other One RS/R cameras.

Insta360 One RS 1-Inch 360 Edition is already available from the company’s website or Amazon for $800. This includes the complete working camera like 1-inch One RS Core and vertical battery. There are options to buy other Insta360 accessories.

How will you use a 360 camera such as the Insta360 One RS 1-Inch? Let us know your ideas below.